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The Watch Gazette takes a look at independent watch brands that have carved a niche in the world of Haute Horlogerie and are highly admired by connoisseurs of fine watchmaking.


As the name suggests HYT has pioneered the utopian idea of mixing mechanics and liquid within a wrist watch. These timepieces represent a new way of telling time that marries high watchmaking and cutting edge technology.

Two flexible reservoirs with a capillary attached at the end. In one, a coloured aqueous liquid. In the other, a viscous transparent liquid. Keeping them apart is the repulsion force of the molecules in each fluid. The hours are indicated by the coloured fluorescent aqueous liquid. This liquid travels through the capillary pushing the transparent viscous one back to its own reservoir and then returning to its original position at 6:00. Here is a video that explains how this technology works:

Manufacture Royale – Enlightened Horology

mrManufacture Royale’s roots stretch all the way back to 1770, when the illustrious French philosopher Voltaire instilled a spirit of independence in the hearts of many. Since then Manufacture Royale has followed in his footsteps and learned to cultivate Voltaire’s free spirit.

Manufacture Royale has some of the most iconic collections in world of horology like the 1770 Micromegas and Androgyne. The 1770 Micromegas is the first ever double tourbillon with double tempo while the Androgyne is meticulously produced, decorated and assembled movement created in-house by highly skilled craftsmen to respect the highest haute horlogerie standards.

Christophe Claret


Christophe Claret’s hallmark is creating timepieces that marries the best of traditions and future inventions. Perfection is something that run throughout the manufacture especially among the artisans who are some of the finest in the region. Fine watchmaking manufacturer Christophe Claret offers highly complex and exclusive timepieces, reserved for devotees of rare and precious collections. Rose The Watch Bar looks are some of these creations.

Gaming Watches: Poker, Baccara and Blackjack are the timepieces in this collection which brings a fully functional casino on your wrists. These interactive timepieces feature ingenious mechanisms that faithfully replicates the rules of gaming classics.

Extreme: X-Trem-1 timepiece in this collection is a product of cutting edge research and experimentation. Deviating from the beaten track of horology, these new age creations explore uncharted horizons with uncompromising technology.

MCT – Manufacture Contemporaine Du Temps

mctManufacture Contemporaine Du Temps was founded in 2007 by Denis Giguet. The Manufacture crafts exclusive creations in its workshops on the shores of Lake Neuchatel. MCT applies its technical expertise in design creation and innovative approach in telling time. Each watch is made by hand and a single watchmaker follows its assembly from the beginning till the end to ensure consistent quality and traceability. Then mechanical movement is exhaustively tested by the individual watchmaker for another 3 weeks to ensure perfection.

One of the most iconic timepiece is the S100 or the Sequential One which is easily identified by several layers in the dial and the sheer volume of the case. The hour marker on the prism paired with the minutes central disk offer instant and intuitive reading through the unique display while the complex dial structure reveals the beating heart of the movement.

Louis Moinet


Louis Moinet was one of the greatest watchmakers ever! Located in Saint-Blaise, Switzerland the brand specializes in creation of high-end timepieces with exotic materials and innovative technology guided by the philosophy of limited edition mechanical timepieces. Uniqueness, creative horology, art, design and exclusivity are at the heart of Louis Moinet creations.

One such exclusive timepiece is Memoris which has become Louis Moinet’s anthology timepiece celebrating the invention of the chronograph. Only twelve of these, fully hand-engraved limited edition watches were created. The bespoke case depicting the theme of the lunar eclipse, all the movements finishes are also handcrafted using authentic, traditional fine watchmaking processes.

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