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Watches for women can be uncomplicated and delicate, or distinct and eye-catching. The first ever wristwatch was created for a woman so it is only fair that women’s wristwatches also double up as jewellery. Adorned with stunning stones and set in precious metals, these watches are true masterpieces of craftsmanship. They can also be worn as precious bracelets thus, unreservedly allowing women to perpetuate functionality with glitz and glamour.

Bulgari – Serpenti

serpentiInspired by the temptation of a women’s sensuality and making use of hypnotic colours and lithe wearability, the Bulgari Serpenti bracelet watch has been synonymous with the brand, ever since it was produced in the late 1940’s. Elizabeth Taylor wearing a custom Bulgari Serpenti on the sets of Cleopatra in 1962 made the watch a sensational success thus laying the groundwork of serpent-inspired bracelet watches for decades to come.

Bulgari – Diva’s Dream


Diva’s Dream by Bulgari has been conceptualised keeping in mind the essence of women of our time. Not compromising on luxury and lavishness, the Bulgari Diva’s Dream Watch collection is the epitome of the brand’s fondness for coloured stones and feminine aesthetic thus bringing to us a collection designed to take our breath away.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous

StoryOf_RendezVous_RDVMoonSetie_Astral_1100x760.png.crop.full.highA timepiece which seamlessly fuses together the mechanicals associated with traditional men’s watches and the aesthetics valued by women, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous is dainty, contemporary and chic. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s signature Art Deco appeal is evident in this hand-produced marvel as is the care and detail lavished upon the watch giving it a timeless appeal. The elegance and artistry that are associated with a Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous make it a dramatically beautiful jewelled watch.

Chopard Happy Diamonds

chopard-happy diamond sportThe sight of a waterfall and the thousands of tiny light-reflecting water droplets cascading from it is what inspired Chopard to create their Happy Diamonds series of watches. Since 1976, the Happy Diamonds concept has stuck to its maxim of “Diamonds are happier when they’re free” and designed creations upon creations of these freely circulating radiant beauties. A Chopard Happy Diamonds watch is now hailed as a precious jewellery piece exuding a charm that is both classic and current. Mobile diamonds are freely allowed to whirl across two sheets of crystal while prong-set diamonds encircle the dial, reflecting light and shining with all the colours of the rainbow.

Hublot Big Bang Broderie

BB_Broderie_2016_2Hublot entered the world of watchmaking for women with the Big Bang Broderie collection of timepieces. A jewellery watch characterised by a snow-paved dial, the Hublot Big Bang Broderie is romantic and sexy. Revisiting haute couture, these watches have succeeded in fusing Swiss embroidery with Swiss horology thus creating a watch that is a symbol of confidence, femininity, and glamour.

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